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If you are interested in adoption of one of our rescues we recommend you read through our website and learn more about our organisation. Please be aware that EVERYONE who works with Pugs SOS is a volunteer and most of our dogs are fostered and are in private homes, so ALL Greetings are done by appointment only.

Please do not ask to adopt one of our pugs if you are away all day, except if you have another dog to provide company.... these rescues need people and company around them for most of the day. They have been locked in sheds, tied up on farms, left in backyards, caged on verandahs or locked on apartment balconies up until now ...we owe it to them to start their new lives living the way pugs were meant to live .. as companion dogs surrounded by people for most of the day. Thank you for your understanding.

Adoption fees range from $950 upwards. These adoption fees rarely cover our costs, as we sometimes have to spend between $400 and $800 in purchasing pugs at risk - then we have to complete all veterinary work. The general cost to Pugs SOS averages at $1,200 per pug. Older pugs (over 8 years of age) are generally re homed at a reduced rate depending on vet fees.

Adoptions by State

After completing an application online you will be sent a standard respond email within 48 hours.

We keep all applications on file and we are looking for the some of the following things: (part of our standard criteria)

  1. Is someone home often?

  2. Do you have another dog? What breed? MUST be desexed and compatible with a pug.

  3. Where does your dog spend most of its time? We do rehome to people that work, however we prefer someone to be home often and you must provide another dog for company.
  4. Have you owned a pug before?

  5. Living status? (are you renting? you must have the approval of your landlord prior to applying for a rescue pug) We will not rehome at all to people in apartments or high rise buildings with balconies.


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Adopting a Rescued Pug
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Donating to Pugs SOS

* Are you married, permanent relationship, single?
Long Term Relationship

* Do you have children?
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* If Yes... How old are your children?

* Do you have any other pets? Please list.

* is your current pet(s) vaccinated?
Yes No

* Tell me about the temperament of your current pet(s)

* What do you feed your current dog(s)?

* If you have a dog is it desexed?
Please note: We can only rehome a Pugs SOS rescue with you providing your existing pet(s) are already desexed.

* I currently reside in
A House
A Unit/Flat
A Home with acreage

* I currently am...
The home owner
Renting (Have permission for a dog.)
Renting (Will need permission)

* Do you have a fenced yard?
(Please explain as best you can!)

* Where will your Pug live?
Dog run

* Where will your pug sleep at night?

* When your Pug is home alone how will it be confined?
A Crate
Loose in House
Loose in Yard
In a dog run

* How long will your Pug be left alone regularly?
(Please explain as best you can!)

* Have you ever had a Pug Before?
Own one now
Once owned one
Babysat one & fell in love with the breed
Friend has one
Family member(s) has one
Never owned one but have always liked them

* What are you looking for?
Both (Pair)

* When do you want to get a Pug?
Looking now
In 1-2 months
In 3-6 months
Just inquiring

* What type of activities would you like to do with your Pug?
(check all that apply)

Family Pet, Companion,
Conformation Showing,
Obedience and/or Performance Events,
Therapy Dog,

Anything else you would like me to know about you

* I have read and understand that due to costs,
        the adoption fee is from $950 upwards!

* indicates response required!
Please fill out the complete form to be considered for an adoption.

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