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The horrors of Puppy Farming
in Australia and around the world!

On puppy farms pugs are kept in these overcrowded crates
for as many years as they can produce puppies.   Many dogs slowly go
insane from the noise, inability to ever move properly and boredom

Pug puppy found at a puppy farm with an untreated eye that had perforated

These pugs were kept in dark sheds in appalling conditions with no veterinary treatment

They are found with severely deformed and ulcerated feet from wire cage floors

You CAN help ~ Don't Shop - Adopt!

Unfortunately, pugs have become very popular through movies and programmes like Burke's Back Yard.

Puppy farmers and pet shops have jumped on the lucrative cash wagon, and sell pugs online, through pet shops and on the side of the road out of their vehicles.

This beautiful girl was sold to us in this
condition ... hungry, crawling with fleas, with an untreated and
badly infected wound on her side.

New owners are NOT allowed to view where the puppies are born and raised, as most of these backyard breeders and puppy farmers keep between 100 to 400 dogs hidden in sheds throughout rural Victoria.

There are currently 130 puppy farms in Victoria and many others interstate. Most do NOT comply with the Code of Practice for Breeding and Rearing establishments.

This delightful old gentleman was sold to us covered in fleas, with callouses and lumps on his legs and tail - and almost totally blind from painful and untreated eye conditions.

Through tip offs from the public and lots of hunting around, footage has been taken of some of these establishments, many of which have been passed by Council inspections.

Pugs S.O.S. take all the surrendered pugs that the public do not want, also from pounds and puppy farms. We desex them, remove rotting teeth, treat chronic eye conditions, rehabilitate them and adopt them to beautiful families.

Puppy farm pugs live their lives isolated in appalling conditions,
often never receiving a pat or a kind word their entire lives.

Many of the pugs we get from puppy farms have never, ever, walked on grass. We have to introduce them to steps, coming inside a house, how to eat out of a bowl and relax enough not to want to drink all the water in their dish as they fear no more is coming for the rest of the day.

Pugs S.O.S. funds all the veterinary work for these rescues ... donations, understanding and suitable foster homes and fantastic permanent homes are needed urgently.


BELINDA (1) - 0414 659 781

BELINDA (2) - 0409 858 285

If you hear of any Pugs requiring rescue in your State please contact either of the above numbers for referral.

All Pugs are desexed prior to rehoming.

Please note that we always do home checks before releasing any Pugs for adoption,
and there is an adoption form to fill in below.

Adoption fees:

We rescue neglected, abused and unwanted pugs. Generally their veterinary costs are very high, as most have untreated eye issues, chronic ear infections, or skin issues. Many require dental work, or soft palate surgery.

We also rescue mature pugs advertised online that have NOT been desexed. Most of these pugs are at a high risk of being purchased by puppy farmers or backyard breeding operations. Advertised for sale from between $300 to $800 - they are still one third the price of a puppy, and unfortunately are at an age where they are ready to be bred from. Tragically this makes them a target for puppy farmers, and they face a life of breeding in a shed.

As a non profit rescue organisation, staffed by volunteers, Pugs SOS faces high vet bills for many rescues, as well as desexing and microchipping. This generally costs us anywhere between $350 to $2,000 per pug - therefore to continue operating, our adoption fees are between $950 to $1,200. Please note that in most cases the adoption fee still does not cover our costs. The shortfall is made up by donations and committee members.

We then pay for all vetwork, which includes:
  • desexing
  • microchipping
  • vaccinations
  • ear cytology and treatment
  • all dental work (teeth scaled and any rotten teeth removed)
  • eye testing
  • any skin infections treated
This generally costs between $350 to $400 but sometimes vet bills exceed $2,000
  • hence our adoption fees = Purchase price + Vet work; (from $950)
We regret that we have to purchase these dogs, as obviously our adoption fees would be much lower if we only had to charge vet work. Unfortunately, pugs are extremely popular, and are much sought after by puppy farmers.

Please fill in the Form below if you are interested in adopting a recue pug...

Please do not ask to adopt one of our pugs if you are away all day except if you have another dog to provide company .... these rescues need people and company around them for most of the day. They have been locked in sheds, tied up on farms, left in backyards, caged on verandahs or locked on apartment balconies up until now ... we owe it to them to start their new lives living the way pugs were meant to live .. as companion dogs surrounded by people for most of the day. Thank you for your understanding.

Some of our happy families who have adopted a Pug

Cookie and Marley

Duncan and Sask

Billie pug

AuDrey leaving with Christel
to her new home

Delilah with her new family
- Andy Caroline and Obi.

Shane and Lee - both fantastic pug owners already with 'Papillon'

All pugs available are now updated daily
on our Pugs SOS Facebook site

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